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Welcome to Jane Pollock Solutions.

Our purpose is to apply Psychology to assist businesses in becoming more competitive, more successful, more responsive and more enjoyable places to work. The techniques we use have been shown to increase employee engagement, commitment, and productivity -that's an improvement in quality as well as quantity. 


Psychology sound like soft stuff? Our knowledge is based in sound research from world-leading experts. They say 

What we do is improve business efficiency, whether that is developing your team, or streamlining your I.T., or more.

Human Factors

We work in a highly mechanised and computerised world. Sometimes this means that the human in the system is overstretched. We can help you to implement strategies and I.T. solutions which mean that you are in control of the I.T., and that it works for you.

We are also skilled in the analysis of complex interfaces, and can facilitate user performance using techniques from Cognitive Ergonomics to enhance display design and maximise user efficiency.

COMING SOON: bespoke courses for Business! These are designed to inform and facilitate discussion around issues such as Organisational Culture and Commitment, Employee Engagement, and Leadership. Presented in an engaging way using case studies and hands-on approaches. Contact Us for more information.

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